Effective date: 19.06.2022

Please read the following "Terms and Conditions" carefully before registering (hereinafter Terms).

Key points

  1. These "Terms and Conditions" are drawn up in full accordance with the norms of International Law and the Rules of Conduct of Records between the investment company ASTERIUM PTY LTD (Company Number: 658 126320), registered at 25 Restwell st, Bankstown, New South Wales 2200, represented by the General Director, Mr. Benjamin Beveridge on one side and a client on the other.
  2. Only capable persons aged 18 and over can register and invest in ASTERIUM PTY LTD.
  3. The registration procedure is required for every person who wants to become our client.
  4. By registering in the ASTERIUM PTY LTD Investment Program, you confirm all the clauses stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Denial of responsibility

  1. ASTERIUM PTY LTD is under no obligation to provide tax or legal services. As well as insurance services. Any information posted on the ASTERIUM PTY LTD website should not be taken as a direct recommendation for action. ASTERIUM PTY LTD shall under no circumstances be liable for any damage, drawdown or loss that may arise due to misinterpretation of the contents of the ASTERIUM PTY LTD website or due to other similar reasons.
  2. Please read these Terms carefully before creating a deposit and participating in the ASTERIUM PTY LTD program. ASTERIUM PTY LTD cannot be held responsible for actions that are beyond the control of the company.

The procedure for investing funds and calculating interest in the ASTERIUM PTY LTD program.

  1. Each deposit made in ASTERIUM PTY LTD is a private transaction between two economic entities (hereinafter - Parties).
  2. The Client makes investments, determines the amount of deposited investment funds, as well as any other financial operations independently and willingly, at his/her own discretion, accepting all risks that may arise from these actions. The Client understands that he/she will perform all financial transactions at his/her own discretion.
  3. The interest rate on investments made by the client is calculated and credited to the balance of the Client's account in accordance with the investment conditions. Read more about this, please, on the official website of ASTERIUM PTY LTD.
  4. The client is responsible for determining the number of investments and the amount of deposits.
  5. All settlements in ASTERIUM PTY LTD are made in accordance with the terms of investment.

The procedure for applying the Affiliate program

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use SPAM technologies to increase the number of attracted referrals. If it is founded that SPAM techniques are used, the accounts of clients who use such techniques may be suspended.
  2. Multi-registrations with the purpose of increasing the payment of affiliate commissions may not be supported by the company.

Scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance

  1. ASTERIUM PTY LTD reserves the right, without prior notice, to suspend or temporarily terminate the provision of services offered by the company's website in the event that it becomes necessary to install new or updated software, apply various modifications and other changes that improve the operation of the site, or make its functions better . In addition, ASTERIUM PTY LTD may suspend the operation of the site in cases of force majeure. Including if it is necessary to suppress hacker and DDoS attacks, as well as in cases where it is necessary to urgently install additional means of protecting the site's functionality.
  2. ASTERIUM PTY LTD is not responsible for certain inconveniences associated with such suspension of the site, including in cases where the access of customers to the site temporarily becomes completely impossible.

Privacy Policy

The personal data provided by each client is an important part of the interaction between ASTERIUM PTY LTD and each of our clients.

  1. Any personal information provided by the client is confidential. ASTERIUM PTY LTD has done everything in our power to ensure that this information is reliably protected from unwanted access by third parties whose competence does not include the possession of this information. Therefore, ASTERIUM PTY LTD does not transfer the personal data provided to third parties under any circumstances.
  2. Any transaction between ASTERIUM PTY LTD and a client is confidential and not subject to disclosure indefinitely. ASTERIUM PTY LTD, without exception, guarantees complete confidentiality of all financial transactions and other business agreements of the Parties. Termination of cooperation is not a reason for disclosing the details of any transaction.
  3. During the interaction between ASTERIUM PTY LTD and the client, it may be necessary to obtain some additional information about the client. The collection, processing and storage of this kind of information is also fully subject to the ASTERIUM PTY LTD Privacy Policy, and such information cannot be used in any other way than for the purposes provided for in these Terms and the Privacy Policy. The collection of this kind of information can be carried out by ASTERIUM PTY LTD only using public and publicly available sources, as well as upon request directly to the client.
  4. The entire list of ways and methods to protect personal data of the customer is a trade secret of ASTERIUM PTY LTD, and they cannot be requested by third parties under any circumstances. Also, these methods of storing and protecting information cannot be disclosed to customers for full and absolutely reliable control of the process.

Additional terms of use

  1. Restrictions

By this agreement, ASTERIUM PTY LTD grants the client a limited, revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the site for personal use. The Client agrees not to resell, not to provide to authorized and / or trusted persons and not to use the ASTERIUM PTY LTD website for commercial purposes.

  1. Prohibition of use

Except as provided in paragraph 1,

The client cannot:

2.1 Use, copy, modify, transfer, adapt or create content of any property based on the content of the site in whole or in part.

2.2 Rent, lease, sublicense, sell or otherwise transfer the right to use the site to third parties or allow access to it.

2.3 Modify, decompile or replace with your own software any and all site systems; or use any system of the site for purposes expressly and ambiguously provided for in accordance with these Terms and in the process of cooperation between ASTERIUM PTY LTD and the client.

  1. Client Responsibilities

Customer agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. If a customer uses the site and its systems in violation of any applicable law, rule, regulation, or these Terms, the customer's right to use the site terminates immediately and without notice. ASTERIUM PTY LTD shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from such termination.

  1. Warranty Disclaimer

4.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, the client acknowledges and agrees that the ASTERIUM PTY LTD website and any site features and systems incorporated therein are provided to the client as is; and with all possible inaccuracies and / or that may arise during use, without any warranty. The client acknowledges that all systems of the site have not been designed in such a way as to fully meet only his individual requirements, and therefore he is responsible for the provision and maintenance of all equipment on his side necessary for the use of the site.

4.2 ASTERIUM PTY LTD shall not be liable in any way for any costs or expenses, loss of profits from business contracts or for any special, non-involuntary or consequential damages arising from any provision or use of the site.

4.3 A third party may provide products or services through the site. ASTERIUM PTY LTD is not responsible for such products or services. Third party products or services may be subject to the third party provider's own terms and privacy policies, which the customer may be required to accept in order to use those products and services. The Client should read such terms and conditions before taking any action or using any third party products or services, and ASTERIUM PTY LTD is not responsible for the inability and/or unwillingness to do so.

  1. Privacy Statement

5.1 ASTERIUM PTY LTD, as a company that acts responsibly, makes every effort to ensure that any innovation (update) is balanced and brought to the already established level of privacy and security for our users. Our principle of confidentiality helps us make decisions in our company. ASTERIUM PTY LTD, as stated in the Privacy Policy, under no circumstances will transfer or share personal information without the express permission of the client.

5.2. In order to maximize the personalization and individualization of the services provided, ASTERIUM PTY LTD will use or collect data while the client uses the site and ASTERIUM PTY LTD, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

  1. Compliance with Intellectual Property Rights

The content and modification of site content such as sounds, text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads and software are the intellectual property of ASTERIUM PTY LTD, its affiliates or licensors, if any. ASTERIUM PTY LTD retains exclusive ownership of the site, services, products and services and all intellectual property (regardless of whether the rights to this property are registered or not anywhere in the world). The Client acknowledges such ownership and intellectual property rights and will not take any action to jeopardize, limit or in any way affect the rights and property of ASTERIUM PTY LTD. In addition, the client agrees that ASTERIUM PTY LTD reserves all rights not expressly granted to him under these Terms.

  1. General Terms

7.1 If any provision is held invalid by any court of international jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

7.2 If the client has questions or suggestions regarding the use of the site or these Terms, he can always contact us.

Regulations on risks

  1. Technical and transactional support of each investment made by the client in ASTERIUM PTY LTD is accompanied by highly qualified specialized specialists.

That's why, this type of activity is not risky, but only within the framework of cooperation on the ASTERIUM PTY LTD platform.

We are not responsible for the results of any actions that the client will perform on the sites of other companies.

  1. ASTERIUM PTY LTD cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that may arise during cooperation with the client if these inconveniences arose due to force majeure.

However, we will make every reasonable effort to expedite as much as possible the process of restoring all the functions of the platform, if force majeure does occur.

  1. We are not responsible for the risks of loss of funds by the client due to failures in the work used by him to invest in ASTERIUM PTY LTD electronic payment systems, as well as due to failure of power supply and network equipment. Including Internet connection failures.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

  1. ASTERIUM PTY LTD reserves the right to make changes and additions to these Terms at any time without prior discussion with third parties.
  2. ASTERIUM PTY LTD undertakes to notify clients of such changes and additions in the form of news, which will be published in the relevant section of the ASTERIUM PTY LTD website, as well as through newsletters to the email addresses of clients that were used by them when registering their accounts in ASTERIUM PTY LTD.
  3. All changes and additions come into force from the moment this information is published on the ASTERIUM PTY LTD website. In the event that any change or addition should take effect immediately from any specific date, this circumstance will be specified separately in this publication.

How to use the services

  1. Each client, without restrictions, can request any additional information regarding the work of ASTERIUM PTY LTD, as well as regarding the interaction of the Parties, in support. To do this, use all the tools posted on the company's website.

Termination of cooperation between the Parties

  1. ASTERIUM PTY LTD has the full right to terminate any kind of cooperation with a client in the event of a proven fact of non-fulfillment willful interpretation or non-compliance by the client with these Terms, any of which entailed negative consequences for the company or other clients. However, even the absence of negative consequences due to non-compliance with these Terms cannot be a good reason when considering a decision to terminate cooperation.
  2. The termination of cooperation occurs from the moment ASTERIUM PTY LTD notifies the client of such termination of cooperation in writing to his email address specified by him when registering an account.


  1. If any disputes arise between the Parties and there is no corresponding provision in these Terms that can resolve these disputes, the situation until the full effective end is resolved only through the negotiation process between the Parties without involving third parties. The Client may not challenge the provisions of these Conditions in the courts. The Client may not suggest a sound or meaning other than the authentic sound or meaning of any clause of these Terms. To the extent that any provision of these Terms is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitration body to be unenforceable in certain jurisdictions, such provision shall be held to be unenforceable in such jurisdictions. However, in this case, these Terms and any disputes arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed exclusively by the same applicable law as any similar legal precedent, without regard to its conflict of laws rules or the UN Convention. The courts having jurisdiction over these Terms shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms, including the Privacy Policy or its formation, interpretation or application.

The Parties acknowledge and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts. In any action or proceeding to enforce rights under the Terms, either Party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable costs and attorneys' fees.

  1. ASTERIUM PTY LTD does not provide for full or partial reimbursement of funds lost by the client due to non-compliance with these Terms, as well as in any other cases that may entail such consequences. Compliance with these Conditions is mandatory for the Parties, regardless of what interpretation or interpretation any paragraph of these Conditions could receive from third parties that are not ASTERIUM PTY LTD customers.
  2. The Parties agree and confirm that these Terms are accepted by the Parties voluntarily and are equivalent in terms of responsibility for the Parties.
    The parties within the framework of these Terms comply with International law.
  3. These Terms, including any terms that form part of them, constitute the entire agreement between the company and the client and supersede all prior and contemporaneous written or oral agreements, proposals or representations regarding its subject matter. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of these Terms and the documents included in these Terms, these Terms shall prevail.